The Finale 

It still hasn't sunk in that I am officially finished with college. I have 10 days with nothing to do (besides pack up my life) and will get to enjoy all of the things I love about Chapel Hill. Over the past four years, CH has really become home. When I was home for breaks … Continue reading The Finale 


Bucket List

In a short 13 days I will be ending a great chapter in my life and flipping the page to official adulthood. I've been fortunate enough to have gotten to travel throughout my entire life and have become passionate about traveling and visiting new places. Hopefully you've learned that about me by now.  I'm also … Continue reading Bucket List


When thinking of a phrase or word to title my blog and reccomended bucket list for Florence, allora immediately came to mind. This word has so many different meanings and I promise you will hear it from every Italian you talk to. I absolutely love talking to anyone and everyone about my time living in … Continue reading Allora