The Finale 

It still hasn’t sunk in that I am officially finished with college. I have 10 days with nothing to do (besides pack up my life) and will get to enjoy all of the things I love about Chapel Hill. Over the past four years, CH has really become home. When I was home for breaks I always said “I’m headed home” as I left to come back to school. In 11 days, I will be moving on and this place I’ve called home will no longer be home. With all of the senior festivities, like the Last Lecture, or getting all hot and bothered waiting in line for almost two hours to sign proof that you made it inside the bell tower, the reality that I’m graduating still hasn’t hit me. I have yet to have a sentimental break down that most of my friends have had. This normally isn’t like me except I have always hated goodbyes. I prefer, see you later. And I definitely will see Chapel Hill later. Thankfully, I have three more years with a valuable reason to come back frequently to visit, and maybe even longer if my baby sister goes to med school here.

When I first chose to come to Carolina, I looked at this place as just a school I would attend for the next few years. With everything that has gone on in my life, I’ve learned to be realistic about things, not get too attached and that life moves on. I also had grown up a Duke basketball fan so UNC was not at the top on my interests list. At convocation that first Sunday night in Chapel Hill I heard this famous quote, “Without even noticing, UNC seeps into your pores. By junior year, she’s in your blood. You can’t remember a time when you didn’t have moments on campus where you lose your breath for a second and all you can think is, ‘Wow, I love this place.’ …And then UNC tells you to leave. And it hurts.” I have heard it many times since that night and still didn’t fully believe it until it happened to me. Chapel Hill will forever be one of my favorite places on Earth and I’m so eternally gratefully to have been able to attend THE University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


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