Bucket List

In a short 13 days I will be ending a great chapter in my life and flipping the page to official adulthood. I’ve been fortunate enough to have gotten to travel throughout my entire life and have become passionate about traveling and visiting new places. Hopefully you’ve learned that about me by now.  I’m also an avid list maker–I make lists sometimes for the sole purpose of getting the satisfaction of crossing something off the list. It’s only natural that I have a bucket list of all the places I hope to travel to and experience. tahiti-four20seasons203

  1. Stay in a hut over the water in Bora Bora (ideal honeymoon spot)
  2. Go to Santorini, Greece
  3. Take a safari in Africa
  4. See the Northern Lights
  5. Visit all 50 states
  6. Go to England
  7. Go to Australia

This is my “short” list that I hope to achieve. I’d also love to explore Asia and make it to almost every continent but Antartica might be pushing it. I get travel fever really bad especially after traveling abroad. I can’t wait to start my next adventure exploring a new town.


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