Tamarindo Bucket List 

There are so many great places to eat and adventures to embark on in Tamarindo so I’ll highlight the top 10 things you must do when you visit.

1. Become friends with the guys at the surf shop near your place and take surf lessons. It’s around $10-15 to rent a board for the entire day.

2. Sing karaoke at Sharky’s on Tuesday night. It’s entertaining for all parties involved.

3. Eat a kabob on your walk back from the bar. They’re the best $2 you’ll ever spend at 2am.

4. Take the Lazy Lizard out to go snorkeling.

5. Watch the sunset on the beach every chance you get.

6. Make sure you know which night is ladies night at every bar. You can manage to not pay for a drink all week.

7. Get the BBQ Hawaiian Pizza from Niri.

8. Watch the surfers at dusk or dawn (if you’re a morning person)

9. Save yourself and do NOT wake up for sunrise. Tamarindo is on the Pacific side of Costa Rica so you will not be getting that beach sunrise Instagram you were hoping for. And for the record I did not learn this the hard way.

10. Go on an excursion so you can see the monkeys!


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