Wheels Up for My Final Spring Break 

The reality that I am graduating in less than two months and will officially be an adult if I like it or not is starting to set in. I always have been one to take breaks from school for granted until you get smacked in the face with the last break you will ever have that isn’t from vacation days. I feel like this is a bachelorette party for adulthood.

We jetted off to Costa Rica for the week in carry on suitcases. I’m beyond proud of my capabilities to pack in a little suitcase. I would almost classify myself as a professional packer. After traveling a decent amount growing up and going back and forth between parents makes you a child master of packing. This talent only increased when I was abroad. I am known to be an overpacker and I’m not ashamed one bit because I’m prepared for ever outing. The most impressive packing job I’ve done was for 10 days in a carry on size suitcase and backpack. Space bags are key. So this adventure down to Costa Rica was nothing.

Stay tuned for updates through out our farewell to breaks.

*this post was written poolside at Esplendor in Tamarindo


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