A year ago was one of my favorite weeks abroad and I never got around to write about it. Yes, I unfortunately gave up on Eatalian Adventures but hey I had much better things to do and eat. Florence had finally started to feel like home and not just a place I was visiting. I was so excited to get to show my people around the place I had fallen in love with. I was fortunate enough to have many visitors while I was abroad; you’ll have to keep checking back in to find out who.

My dad and stepmom Shell were the first to come see me. I took the train down to Rome to meet up with them. We did made all of the tourist stops and it was ~what dreams are made of.~ I definitely had some Lizzie McGuire flashbacks after a day of sight seeing with Valentina Di Pietro. Having a personal tour guide made our lives sooo much easier. This would be my number one recommendation if you are going to Rome, not just having a tour guide but hiring her. She was great and undoubtedly made our time in Rome unforgettable. AND she took us to her favorite gelato place, Gelateria La Romana, that was by far the best I had in Italy so go if you are ever in Rome. My dad and Shell made a point to go back before they flew out at the end of the week.

Venice was the next stop on our tour of Italy. Everywhere you looked could have been a picture on a postcard. We spent an entire day touring Burano and Murano. Burano is the cute little town with the bright colored houses and is known for intricate lace making. Murano is a neighboring island that is famous for blown glass. We got to watch a demonstration and I was given the cute little cat and mouse he made! It was so fascinating watching them create the details on the pieces. The turtle on the table below came home with us. To end a perfect day, we went to Ristorante Quandri that overlooks San Marco Square. The picture doesn’t do it justice and at this point my dad was annoyed that I was taking pictures of everything I put into my mouth. I love food, what can I say? But that meal was by far one of the top three meals I have ever had in my entire life.  Fun Fact: the wine glasses were so big it would touch my forehead every time I would take a sip. Slightly pricey but I could not say more great things about my meal and experience there. I would go back in a heartbeat.


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