Taco Tuesday at Cantina 18 

  If you're ever at Cameron Village and in the mood for some tacos, I highly reccomend Catina 18. I tried the duck and chicken tacos. The chicken was a little dry for my taste but the concept was great and not your stereotypical taco. It was topped with green apple, goat cheese, and craisins.  The … Continue reading Taco Tuesday at Cantina 18 

Parmesan Panko Crusted Grouper 

This grouper recipe is one of those meals that can cure all. Even if you aren't a big seafood lover, grouper is a nice mild white fish that makes you wanting to go back for more. Over the years our recipe has been shifted and perfected to the extent we don't use an exact recipe … Continue reading Parmesan Panko Crusted Grouper 


Spring break last year was a week I'll never forget. I packed for 10 days in a travel sized suitcase and paid $200 for 6 flights.