Visiting Home With Ben

The Bachelor is my go-to trash TV. Yes I know a lot of it is for TV and it is extremely unlikely these people will actually fall in love but hey it’s like a weekly chick flick. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people talk during my shows…I know some of you can relate! Rather than talking out loud I decided to take note of my thoughts throughout Ben’s journey home to meet all the parents.

**I promise these listicles will get better and more creative with time!


  1. He’s so freaking cute.
  2. Capris aren’t a good look for you Ben.
  3. what is he wearing?!
  4. love her shirt.
  5. He can’t stop kissing her.
  6. He would be such a great dad.
  7. I’m about to cry. He’s crying.
  8. These are some styling little girls.
  9. He doesn’t know how to hold a child.
  10. I want to name my little girl Charlie.
  11. Are these chubbies? He needs a new outfit.
  12. “He looked a little deer in the headlights”- Amanda’s Dad.  Who wouldn’t look like that after riding in the car with a screaming two-year-old?!
  13. I HATE when people talk during my shows.
  14. This is so freaking cute.
  15. Oh shit. JoJos family is going to botch this for her.
  16. I thought she lived in LA?
  17. I miss Becca. Can she be the next Bachelorette. Jk I want it to be JoJo.
  18. I think Lauren B. is going to win.
  19. Holy Alcohol…every man’s dream
  20. Swooning over the way he looks at her.
  21. I would look like a ho in her V-neck.
  22. Getting some liquid courage before meeting the ‘rents.
  23. She has such a cute family.
  24. “Any guy would fall in love with her”Then why is she single?!
  25. He just admitted he loved her!!!
  26. I literally can’t hear a word they are saying. They seriously need to shut up.
  27. “The world stopped” Trev did the world stop when you saw me in math in the 6th grade???
  28. Ben is PMSing. He’s v emotional.
  29. Precipus- Ben whipping out the big vocab.
  30. Sex panther is looking pretty conservative.
  31. Her hair is always on point.
  32. CEO of a Toy Company?
  33. Totally an “Ah-mazing” date
  34. “He just wants to f*ck her”-Madison
  35. Philippinos aren’t a rare breed Rosanna…
  36. Not sure I want ~cool~ to be the first word to come to mind about my relationship.
  37. She’s a hot mess.
  38. Importance of the comma usage Rosanna.
  39. She chickened out.
  40. Shots are about to get fired at JoJo’s house.
  41. So obsessed with JoJo.
  42. I agree JoJo that’s f’d up.
  43. What the actual…
  44. JoJo we were all routing for you!!
  45. Shit is about to hit the fan.
  46. YGG
  47. PSA: Where did the flowers go?
  48. Is he hammered? Wtf was that brother doing.
  49. Can you say plastic surgery?
  50. I feel like brother was scheming for drama.
  51. Okay JoJo’s brother is famous. This is totally for TV.
  52. Does this mom know how The Bachelor works?
  53. Well this is awkward…
  54. Shots have been fired.
  55. Mom is taking chugs from the wine bottle
  56. 2 second intuition? Everyone’s gift from God.
  57. Holy Hot.
  58. Thank God Amanda fixed those roots.
  59. Poor Amanda.
  60. He just couldn’t do the kids.
  61. America thinks that is completely fair too.
  62. I hate seeing boys cry. Don’t cry Ben.

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