Salud to National Drink Wine Day

If you missed it, don’t worry you can celebrate May 25 too because drinking vino needed more than one holiday.

It’s very appropriate to cheers this beloved holiday with the one and only Olivia Pope, wine connoisseur extraordinaire. Random fact about me: I am a certified food and wine pairing expert. And no that was not a self declared title…I took a test. One of the many great things I picked up abroad. Getting to drink two glasses of wine AND cook a gourmet meal each class made it by far the best class I’ve ever taken (no offense Gary & The Branding of Me).

Before living in Italy I couldn’t tell the difference between a $5 bottle of Barefoot and a nice bottle of chardonnay. After drinking my way around Europe, I have [semi-unfortunately] refined my palette. If you’re a citrus crisp flavor enthusiast I highly recommend trying a sauvignon blanc.

Cheers to Shondaland and National Drink Wine Day.


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