“Wishing I was somewhere sunny and 75”

I definitely agree Joe Nichols but hey it was 65 and sunny in Chapel Hill today! It has really started to sink in that in a few short months I’ll never get to enjoy all of the classic Chapel Hill places. It’s a weird not welcomed reality that is going to smack us all in the face. I’ve made it a point to go to all of the places we all take for granted as much as possible; at this rate I’ll be getting that free Yopo in no time!

A few friends and I spent the afternoon soaking up this bipolar North Carolina weather outside at Merrit’s. It was the perfect Sunday afternoon. Normally I go for the classic BLT but decided to change it up a bit today. I went with their recommendation and got the TBG (turkey, bacon, guac.) with pimento cheese. It was great! This will be my new normal order. The pimento cheese made the sandwich.  Here’s a visual incase you need any more convincing.IMG_7156



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