“Wishing I was somewhere sunny and 75”

I definitely agree Joe Nichols but hey it was 65 and sunny in Chapel Hill today! It has really started to sink in that in a few short months I’ll never get to enjoy all of the classic Chapel Hill places. It’s a weird not welcomed reality that is going to smack us all in the face. I’ve made it a point to go to all of the places we all take for granted as much as possible; at this rate I’ll be getting that free Yopo in no time!

A few friends and I spent the afternoon soaking up this bipolar North Carolina weather outside at Merrit’s. It was the perfect Sunday afternoon. Normally I go for the classic BLT but decided to change it up a bit today. I went with their recommendation and got the TBG (turkey, bacon, guac.) with pimento cheese. It was great! This will be my new normal order. The pimento cheese made the sandwich. ┬áHere’s a visual incase you need any more convincing.IMG_7156


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