Monets or Monuts?

We ventured over to the other blue school across Tobacco Road to indulge in one of the best brunch places in the area, Monuts. For those of you that haven’t been, I HIGHLY recommend it. There is something for everyone. I personally prefer the more savory options even though you can’t go without getting one of their infamous donuts. We all split a dark chocolate sea salt, a brown butter banana and cardamom (my personal favorite), and a chocolate peanut butter with butter cream frosting.


This is one of those places you have to go big or go home. Thus, we all got an additional sandwich. I am one of those people that highly value the opinion of the people that work there for recommendations. Until this past time, My Chevrything on an everything bagel was my favorite sandwich. The maple siracha sauce makes it. I changed it up this time and got the Ooey Gooey Gouda. I promise it tastes significantly better than it looks.



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