What were you born to do?

I was asked this question during a recent job interview and it really resonated with me. Since then I have continued to think about my answer and realized my initial answer “to travel” has more truth to it than I initially blurted out in mild panic. All my life I have traveled–traveled between parents, across the country, and even around the world. Throughout all of these adventures I have made countless memories yet there has always been a common denominator surrounding them…food. Food is more than just something we indulge in to fuel our bodies; it leaves lasting memories whether it is because of the people you’re spending time with or the place you are.

When I was studying abroad in Florence, Italy I blogged about my once in a lifetime adventures and titled it “An Eatalian Adventure.” Reflecting back, that title I made before I even left the states was more applicable than I could have ever imagined. I had some of my best memories abroad surrounding food. I must add I had some of the top meals I have had in my life and I have had some pretty damn good meals.

My love of food began from a very young age and I accredit that to my mom.What do you do with a crying baby? Feed it. Since day 1, I’ve had a large appetite. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve grown to have a better appreciation for food, more specifically good food, and the memories it brings people and has brought me over the past 21 years. When told to come up with a topic to blog about for the next 15 weeks, I immediately thought of food and my adventures surrounding it. So get ready to see my final semester of college through the food I indulge in.


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