I’m Alive, I Promise

I know took about a month long hiatus from writing this thing but I’m going to really try to catch up. Half of the reason I decided to write a blog was to be able to look back and see what all I did in my few months abroad. This is really going to test my memory to see if I can remember what all I did all the way back to my amazing trip to Interlaken, Switzerland. It helps that all my trips have been great and memorable so I haven’t forgotten much.

Incase you feel overwhelmed with all of my posts and don’t feel like reading them here is a summary of what I’ve been doing:

Interlaken, Switzerland- I went skiing the entire weekend in the Swiss Alps and it was nothing less than amazing. Definitely one of my favorite weekends abroad.

Dad & Shell came to visit! I met them in Rome, checked off seeing all the iconic landmarks, took the train to Venice, rode a gondola, came back to Florence, went on a wine tour, and of course ate a ton of great meals along the way.

Weekend in the Flo- Believe it or not, traveling is exhausting and it was great to have a weekend in the mix to just relax and enjoy Florence.

Trev came to visit! We went to Capri for the weekend, ate some yummy food, went through a tiny hole in a canoe to see the Blue Grotto, and I got to show him around Florence. Sounds a little bland but it was a great, very anticipated week!

Spring Break- In 10 days I….went to Africa and rode a camel, played tourist in Sevilla and  Barcelona, and laid on a beach for 3 days Ibiza.

My final visitors will be here in 24 hours and I’m so excited to get to show Mom, Jim, Linds & Meghan around the Flo and for them to get to experience this beautiful country I’ve called home. It’s gone by so quick, I can’t believe I’ll be home in 6 weeks!


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